What began in 2013 as a dream has become a family of circus performers that is giving birth to bigger dreams. We are now a 501(C)(3) tax exempt non-profit organization with a mission to support emerging circus artists by providing them with opportunities to develop their performance skills, express themselves, and be involved in the process of creating original shows; promote the collaboration of artists across disciplines in the performing arts by incorporating elements of theater, dance, and music with circus; raise awareness of contemporary circus arts and engage the community by offering accessible shows; encourage the spirit of artistic innovation and exploration in the circus arts.

To date we have produced five original shows, each one growing in scope and production level. Thank you to all the loyal supporters of the Circus Collective who have come to our shows, encouraged us, and given us a reason to do what we love to do!

However, in order for any dream to grow, it takes investment. We have been investing our time, energy, and resources into the Circus Collective in the hopes of seeing it grow into something beautiful, but we can’t do it alone. We need people like you to help raise the seed money to take the Circus Collective to the next level. These funds will be used to cover the increased costs of larger scale productions, including a deposit for the venue, costumes, and set creation. Please consider investing in the future of the Circus Collective of San Diego by making a tax-deductible donation to the cause!

We are currently seeking sponsors to help us take our newest production SPECIFIC GRAVITY to Washington D.C. in February! For more information about this project click here.

Support the Arts! Support Circus! Support Us! INVEST!
Thank you!

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