To support emerging circus artists by providing them with opportunities to develop their performance skills, express themselves, and be involved in the process of creating original shows; promote the collaboration of artists across disciplines in the performing arts by incorporating elements of theater, dance, and music with circus; raise awareness of contemporary circus arts and engage the community by offering accessible shows; encourage the spirit of artistic innovation and exploration in the circus arts.

While each of us has his or her own unique talents and styles, we believe that together we can exceed what we can accomplish alone.  The trust and teamwork that is required by such an endeavor is also one of the most rewarding aspects. As we work together we inspire each other to strive for excellence. We believe that the creative process benefits from the inclusion of many voices, so each of our works is the result of the inspiration and input and feedback of the collective.

We believe that innovation is key to keeping our shows fresh and interesting for the audience as well as for ourselves.  Thus we continually challenge ourselves to develop new acts and concepts for shows, pushing the boundaries of traditional circus to incorporate theatre, music, poetry, and dance.

Because each performer develops and choreographs his or her own act, our work is truly an authentic expression of who we are – our strengths and frailty, our hopes and fears, our passions and desires.  As we bare our souls we invite you to open yours and share in our common humanity, with all its limitations and amazing ability to exceed them.