frontiera performance cover image.jpg

What is it about human nature that likes to create barriers to separate one thing from another, label things in boxes, define us vs. them?

FRONTIER(A) is a contemporary circus project which seeks to deconstruct the social, political, cultural, and psychological barriers that divide us one from another, integrating acrobatics, juggling, and aerial arts with dance, music, and spoken word poetry in an exploration of our final frontiers. The title of this work is derived from the combination of the English word “frontier”, with the Spanish word for border, “frontera”. The dual meanings of these words that share the same root evoke the central theme: a shift in perspective from seeing borders as barriers to zones of exploration.

FRONTIER(A) made its debut at the San Diego International Fringe Festival and we were honored to be named “Outstanding Circus Performance” at the Fringe Awards. Many thanks to the amazing staff of the fringe festival for making it happen, and of course to everyone who came out to the show!

Photo Credit:
Sue Brenner and Dave Waldman