San Diego International Fringe Festival

Xylem and Phloem are the tissues that carry sustenance through a plant and let it grow. They transport water up from the roots, and they bring sugar down from the leaves. This show explores how television programming acts like the xylem and phloem of our society, carrying culturally defining programming out from our cities and bringing news and information in from the peripheries of our society.

This show was a tongue in cheek look at the media that influenced today's generation of young adults, and continues to shape our cultural landscape.


Thank you to Jim Carmody for the promotional and performance photos


Thanks to your generous support we successfully premiered our Xylem and Phloem at the San Diego Fringe Festival to rave reviews! Our plan from here to is take this show to other fringe festivals before bringing it back to the greater San Diego Community. Your continued support makes all the difference in allowing us to continue to stage these amazing productions. Thank you so much for making this possible.